Organizator: Turistička agencija Da Riva d.o.o. M. Tita 170, 51410 Opatija ID-Kod:HR-AB-51-040037632


Visit the magic world of Plitvice Lakes, sixteen turquoise colored lakes with crystal clear water and over hundred waterfalls. Pure nature, mountain forests and fresh air. The first and most beautiful national park in Croatia on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A full day tour, starting early in the morning and returning just for your dinner.

Take comfortable shoes and a photo camera!

The excursion includes: bus ride, guide, entrance in the national park, boat ride and train ride


KRK TOUR by bus

Visit the biggest and most interesting Croatian island. Don't miss the chance to see the island of Kosljun where Franciscans have lived more than 500 years or Vrbnik with long wine production tradition or Krk which testifies the power of the local dukes Frankopans.

  • Excursion starts from Selce, driving on the coastal road to the bridge Krk and across the island all the way to the town Krk
  • Sightseeing of the town and free time
  • Driving to Punat - 15 minutes
  • Boat ride to Košljun island – 7 minutes
  • Sightseeing of Košljun island, museum, church and exhibitions followed by free time
  • Returning to Punat and continuing with bus to Vrbnik – 25 minutes ride
  • Going to the wine cellar; welcome drinks, presentation about wine making on the island, and wine tasting (prosciutto, cheese, bread, and 3 sorts of wine)
  • Sightseeing of Vrbnik
  • Return to Selce



Go back in time with our experienced guides that will take to a journey through time and most beautiful cities of Istra, the most well-known Croatian region. Feel the romance of past times on an excursion through the towns that overwhelm you with their beauty. Take your photo camera to capture this wonderful moments.

Pula – one of the oldest Istrian towns whose history goes back for 2000 years. Take a walk through the town, see the Arena, Triumphal arch of the Sergi family, temple of Augustus and many more

Rovinj – according to many one of the most beautiful Istrian towns. Build on an island with lots of colorful houses with Venetian architecture, squeezed one to another and to the very edge by the sea and with the wonderful church of St. Euphemia on the very top of the island in which you can still see the sarcophagus from the early 4th century. After the sightseeing of the town and an organized lunch you can enjoy the remaining time to explore the old streets of Rovinj

Poreč – antic town with the Decumanus street and the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century that represents the real example of Byzantine art with its well-known mozaics. There is also the old roman house and many more of the cultural monuments that still live in the legends and history of the region. On the other hand Poreč is a modern touristic town, center of tourism that attracts many tourists with different events.


·    Departure from Selce
·    Driving on the coastal road to Pula
·    Arrival in Pula - Sightseeing of the amphitheater (outer side), Porta Gemina, Herculs’ entrance, Triumphal arch of the Sergi family… free time for a walk
·    Departure from Pula, driving for 45 minutes to Rovinj
·    Sightseeing of Rovinj, followed by organized lunch and free time
·    Departure from Rovinj, driving for 45 minutes to Poreč
·    Sightseeing of Poreč and free time
·    Departure from Poreč, arrival in Selce

EXCURSION INCLUDES: bus ride, guide, lunch (soup, main dish and dessert)

GUIDING ON LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Croatian, Dutch. Also possible in other languages, if there is a larger number of guests.

POSTOJNA CAVE in Slovenija

Enjoy the marvellous underworld of Postojna cave which was created in millions of years. The kingdom of stalactites and stalagmites. The place where you can see a human fish, a very interesting cave animal which lives in complete darkness. Don’t forget that Postojna is among the biggest and most visited caves in the world.

Don’t forget your passport, comfortable shoes and a warm jacket! Only 8°C inside the cave all year round!


· Departure from Selce
· Driving to the Slovenian boarder – Driving through Slovenia without a break
· Short break before entrance - Entering the cave at 4:00 PM
· Train ride through the cave followed by on-foot-guidance – alltogether 1:30 h
· Break and departure from Postojna
· Arrival in Selce

EXCURSION INCLUDES: bus ride, guide, tickets

GUIDING ON LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Croatian, Dutch. Also possible in other languages, if there is a larger number of guests.